The Most Beautiful Things

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the most beautiful things

My mind is dripping with paint. Colors casted all over the endless canvas of my mind. Mixing. Swirling. Blasted with color. How rare for a mind that was stripped of color not so long ago…one that was burdened by the blackest of blacks and the distance between those dark shades and white. There was only that. Nothing but that.

There are beautiful and intricate portraits of memories that unfold like streamers in my mind. I used to curse these endless reels of tape falling from the ceilings. They would play over and over in my mind again. Moments. Memories. Feelings. Laughter. My mind felt weighed down by their presence. I tried to control the uncontrollable, only to find that once a flutter of wind came by they would unravel time and time again.

This was the story of a man in pain. Regret. Agony. Fear.

A destructive force within himself controlled by…

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